is brought to you by GEO Foundation, the international non-profit entirely dedicated to helping accelerate sustainability in and through golf. Alongside many partners and friends, the Foundation is proud to support, recognize and celebrate the growing sustainable golf community around the world and you're invited to join in, to help address some of the defining issues of our time.

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Among all sports golf has a unique opportunity and responsibility to make a powerful difference. Thousands of grassroots facilities are enriching their greenspaces with people and nature. Hundreds of tournaments can be low carbon innovation hubs and showcase sustainable lifestyles and communities. Millions of golfers and fans can do more than one thing, and make a huge collective impact. Find out more about how golf can be the sport that does the most, when it is most needed.

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© First Tee Mexico

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Clubs, developments, tournaments, associations, players and companies are embracing sustainability and taking a consistent approach towards the most pressing issues of our time. Find out who’s made the Sustainable Golf Pledge, and who’s leading the field.

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Sustainable Golf Solutions

Golf has developed a range of highly credible cloud-based programs and tools, including carbon calculators, that are custom-built for each part of the sport. These are accessible to grassroots golf facilities; tournaments; new developments; associations, players and companies. Find out more about these solutions for sustainable golf.


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