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Sustainable development highlights

A selection of success stories from some of the GEO Certified Developments around the world ... regenerating ecosystems, revitalizing communities and delivering remarkable golf. More examples will be added soon.

Support and recognition

Sustainability is a great fit with golf development, saving time, money and resources during design, construction and into long-term operations.

All golf projects can use the OnCourse Developments programme, with its constructive mentoring and streamlined reporting - and then at opening, fly the leading international distinction of being a GEO Certified Development.

For more information about the OnCourse Developments programme, and to see how it can support your project click here.

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During the development process, GEO Certified Developments can showcase best practices during the design, construction and operations phases.

The certification means that developments are well-placed to provide substantial and long-term benefits to the land they are built on and the communities that help to build and maintain the site.

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Sustainable Golf Development Guidelines

Sustainable golf development is successful golf development. In recent years, the sport has shown that it is adapting to address future challenges, and new projects are pushing the boundaries of conventional golf course design.

The examples within these guidelines meet the challenges faced, such as resource availability, personal time constraints, tighter land restrictions and increasing social challenges. The next generation of golf developments is delivering greater benefits for their social and natural environments whilst providing multiuse recreational facilities for all generations.

The guidelines below explain why and how to integrate sustainable practices into your business - to leave a lasting positive legacy for people and the environment. 

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