Re-emerging from lockdown - #SustainingGolf

Thursday 7 May 2020

At this time of great disruption and concern, there are urgent and practical challenges to the sport and grassroots clubs. This brings focus on the immediate actions needed to help re-emerge effectively and safely.

Our team has been watching, listening and thinking about how we can be most helpful at this time – and also, as with many other sectors of land management, sport and business – to help ensure sustainability opportunities and risks don’t get pushed back.  Sustainability and climate action are as relevant as ever and can help as clubs recover and come back from their national or state lockdowns.

As we outlined in the most recent newsletter, sustainability is often a lens for innovation, adaptation, modernisation and efficiency. If applied effectively, this could have a useful short-term role in the decision making and communications at golf clubs - in a way that helps with immediate and future success.

Over the months ahead we will be inviting a community of people across golf to share examples, views and aspirations from around the world on the topics connected to sustainability and resilience that seem most likely to impact golf clubs in the near future. These two themes seem high up on the list:

Efficiencies and naturalisation

  • Can essential maintenance become sustainable maintenance?
  • What maintenance changes can you hang on to once golfers return?
  • Are there elements of naturalisation or reduced input you can retain that will help focus resources on the priority surfaces, and that can be presented to golfers as enhancements to their golfing landscapes and playing experience?
  • How can these opportunities be positively communicated with golfers as part of making them feel good about being back out on their courses? 
  • What are the cost savings that can be achieved?
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Building community


  • How can you extend your relevance and offering out into the community - to new partnerships and customers?
  • Can you strengthen the promotion of your social purpose and value and can you create new opportunities for access amongst pay and play, part-time and new golfers?
  • Are there ways you can strengthen the sense of community focus and ’tribe’ around your club?
  • What are the key messages communities want to hear and how can you best get them out?

We’ll be rolling out this effort through the following media, so please look out for ideas, examples and ways to get involved on the platforms below.

A new hashtag, a variation on our usual #sustainablegolf, will be used over the period which emphasises the focus on support for clubs #SustainingGolf





Keep an eye out for the latest blogs -

We’ll soon be running a short survey to find out more about how these are being prioritised and implemented across clubs. This will be promoted via social media, newsletters and the database of OnCourse and GEO Certified clubs. 

Finally, we’re looking to bring the conversation to life with an online discussion, being planned with an array of international panellists and golf association partners for June. Please look out for the save the date notice and we hope you will join, learn and share your lockdown experiences and recovery plans with others around the world of golf.

These are challenging times - rapidly moving and uncertain. We’re aware that many of you are eager to hold on to sustainability strides already made, not lose ground and perhaps even see this accelerate. For cost-savings as well as securing a prominent place as one of the good guys as the world is projected to be moving even more rapidly toward more sustainable solutions and greater climate action.

We hope what we are kicking off over the coming weeks will help on each of these fronts.

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