Strengthening Communities

Sustainability is also about social responsibility, equity and overall value generated. Golf is extremely well placed to build on hundreds of years of community engagement and social value, at a time when there is a genuine need and opportunity to provide more. Issues of human rights; diversity, equity and inclusion are vital and can be wrapped up in access to the playing of the sport; to a whole host of wider points of respect and contribution to indigenous groups, local people, families, schools, producers and suppliers. 

Health and wellbeing

Maximize the value of the sport to local people through activities to promote accessibility; inclusivity and diversity; ensure staff and employees are fairly treated and rewarded.


Provide wider value to the community by making the facility and wider landscape as accessible as possible; work with local community and educational groups on joint projects; provide opportunities for volunteering and lifelong learning; support charities and good causes.

Awareness and inspiration

Engage staff, members and visitors in sustainability initiatives and projects; promote information on the importance of the local environment; share news and stories across the wider community about your social and environmental activities.

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