Golf can be a leader in sustainable sport and business, universally valued for its positive role for nature and people.  


Celtic Manor, venue of the 2010 Ryder Cup

For centuries, golf has been providing environmental and social value... protection of coastal zones and urban green space, air and water quality, employment, and a healthy, inter-generational sport set in ecologically-rich living landscapes. 

Now, as sustainability concerns and expectations rise across all aspects of life, the golf community is well positioned to contribute more, for the welfare of nature and communities… and for the good of the game.

Coming together around a sustainability agenda for golf including fostering nature, conserving resources, taking climate action and benefiting community, golf can make a real difference; with practical outcomes across the tens of thousands of golf clubs, hundreds of new golf developments, and thousands of tournaments. The industry reaches millions of people so also has the opportunity to be a catalyst by raising sustainability awareness, leading by example.

GEO Foundation is dedicated to delivering programmes that help people on the ground to evaluate, improve and credibly communicate their work across the agenda of nature, resources, community and climate action. 

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