Fostering Nature

Golf is perhaps the sport with the most intimate connection with landscapes, ecosystems and biodiversity. The game is played out in nature, and the experience is better with nature. 

Over 39,000 courses globally span an area roughly the size of Belgium, and around 50% of that is natural or semi-natural habitat. Golf also appears in often important contexts – acting as green oases in towns and cities; protecting sensitive coastal strips; and providing buffers adjacent to wetlands, in watersheds and next to nature reserves.

Ecosystem enhancement

Understanding the landscape and context; exploring the full potential of each site; using natural solutions; best integrating with the surrounding ecology. 

Species conservation

Knowing the wildlife priorities; focussing appropriate actions to protected, rare and other priority species; doing what you can to boost overall diversity and richness of life on and around the course.

Pollution prevention

Safeguarding the quality of the environment – including air, soil and water; minimizing noise and disturbance; avoiding and mitigating the most significant risks; putting emergency responses in place.

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