Conserving Resources

Natural resources, materials and products contain a wealth of direct and embodied environmental and social impacts. The goals are to avoid the consumption of non-renewable resources – particularly fossil fuel energy, potable water and single-use materials. With water availability becoming more restricted in many locations; and water, energy and raw materials supply becoming ever more expensive – adaptation and innovation make considerable business sense.


Implement all best behavioral practices to lower water need on the golf course, grounds, and in buildings; make the wisest possible investments in technological solutions such as water capture, treatment, storage and irrigation systems; adopt precision monitoring for irrigation applications.


Implement all best behavioral practices to reduce overall energy and fuel use; invest wisely in cleaner, energy-efficient technology and equipment; explore all possible on-site renewable energy opportunities and move towards the electrification of vehicles and golf course machinery.


Adopt a purchasing policy that reduces overall consumption of materials (only consume what you really need); focus on products and materials made from recycled content; reuse as much as possible; ensure best possible recycling; avoid waste that goes to landfill or incineration; change menus to include more local, seasonal, plant-based ingredients.

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