Golf's most comprehensive and widely regarded sustainability distinction. 

GEO Certified® is a comprehensive modern certification, developed specifically for three key areas of the industry:  golf facility operations, golf development and renovation, and golf tournaments. The distinction serves as a credible platform for communications of real outcomes and continual improvement, around nature, resources, and the community.  

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Achieving Certification

Golf facilities interested in becoming GEO Certified® start by using the OnCourse® web-app found at getoncourse.golf, to easily record practices, key data and highlights around nature, resources, and community.

Once the programme is complete, GEO and will assign a specially accredited ‘Independent Verifier’ who will assess the submission against the Standard, often including a site visit, and provide helpful ideas about good opportunities for future improvement. Once awarded GEO Certified®, communications guidance and materials are provided to help promote the achievement with staff, golfers and wider community.   

Golf tournaments or new development projects can begin by getting in touch with GEO, and more information can also be found on this website: Sustainable Developments and Sustainable Tournaments.


Following a rigorous review, and ongoing compliance checks, GEO Foundation became a Full Member of The ISEAL Alliance, the global body for credible Sustainability Standards and Certification systems. ISEAL's strict Codes of Good Practice are adhered to by GEO Foundation, and the other ISEAL Members, including Fairtrade, FSC, MSC and The Rainforest Alliance.

GEO Certification Ltd., administers GEO Certified®, with broad stakeholder involvement and 3rd-party independent verification. The system is underpinned by openly-consulted environmental and social Standards specifically relevant to golf, designed to bring about positive short, medium and long-term impacts.  

Qualified individuals trained on the Standards evaluate impacts through a verification process, adding an additional layer of assurance to golf’s ecolabel, and adding credibility to the quantitative and qualitative data collected and reported. Verification also ensures that the effectiveness of the Standards are monitored and can be reviewed on a frequent basis, and evaluated at appropriate intervals. 


All of our work is collaborative and formal consultations are undertaken for standards setting and revisions, in line with ISEAL Codes of Standard-setting.  

Procedures and Policies

As part of our commitment to operating transparently and collaboratively, you can find documents related to procedures, policies and governance of GEO Foundation and GEO Certification Ltd., as required by ISEAL Codes.