Sustainable Golf Week 2023

Golf – Better with Nature

Throughout golf's history, a strong connection with nature has been an integral part of the sport. Whether it's traditional links courses or modern designs, golf and the natural world coexist harmoniously. Biodiversity, the web of life within fairways and water features, underscores golf's deep ties to the environment.

Today, a clear duty awaits golf: to protect, restore, and champion nature in golf. This isn't a choice; it's a commitment golf wholeheartedly embraces. Golf understands that its love for the game is intertwined with preserving the environment that sustains it. This partnership with nature is integral to golf's identity and emphasizes its shared responsibility for a sustainable future.

Key topics of the week

  1. Safeguarding the environment and preventing ‘net negative’ impacts.

  2. Actively restoring natural golfing landscapes, making biodiversity regeneration enjoyable and financially viable.

  3. Creating and enriching new habitats and ecosystems that showcase the fun and engaging aspects of golf while contributing to biodiversity regeneration.

Schedule for the week

Monday, October 9: Teeing off – Why this topic is vital for golf and society.
Tuesday, October 10: Protecting nature – How golf can ensure no net negative loss of biodiversity.
Wednesday, October 11: Restoring nature – How golf can further enrich the landscapes it manages.
Thursday, October 12: Promoting nature – How golf can play a major part in demonstrating the value of nature across society.
Friday, October 13: Driving further – Looking forward and calls to action.

Visit this page throughout the week and beyond to keep track of all the nature-based content from across the Sustainable Golf Community.

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