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This is a new way to connect with the sustainable golf community for companies of all sizes committed to delivering innovative sustainable solutions for the golf industry.

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RAW Charging

Galvin Green

Galvin Green provides golfers in more than 20 countries with durable, well-designed quality garments that offer long lasting comfort. Most of its current award-winning collection is made from eco-generation sustainable materials and it won the global Sports Technology Award for Sustainability in 2021 for a sweater range made using recycled plastic bottles.


Provision Events

Provision Events are one of the world’s leading full-service sport activation agencies. Their sustainability mission incorporates using long-life materials, partnering with responsible suppliers, sourcing sustainable alternatives and repurposing event waste. Provision Events work closely with their broad range of clients to help them meet their environmental goals.

Swedish Performance Eyewear Brand

All of the frames are made of Plant Based Bio Materials. The ever-ongoing quest to make Spektrum products ever more sustainable has led them to the use of bio-based materials derived from plants throughout their collections.

How Many Strokes - Digital Info Board & HCP Conversion Table

Keeping members and guests well-informed by using a digital information board that displays all the necessary information on a screen, including Sustainable Golf Highlights and GEO Certified status. You can customize the information displayed on the screen to suit the specific needs of your club members and guests. This means you can create a more engaging and personalized experience for everyone visiting your club. You will do this in a modern why while reducing the use of paper.

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