Sustainable Golf Week 2023 - coming soon

09 Sep 2023

Sustainable Golf Week 2023 - coming soon

Golf - Better with Nature

Last year, people across the golf community came together around sustainable golf to Reflect, Celebrate, and Drive Further, asking important questions and sharing inspiring contributions and commitments.

Building on these foundations, Sustainable Golf Week 2023 tees off October 9th centred around the theme “Golf - Better with Nature.” Golf’s relationship with nature is unique among sport, with landscapes, ecosystems, and biodiversity an essential part of the experience. Accordingly, with pressing challenges of climate change and ecosystem degradation, preserving and actively reviving nature holds significant importance for both golf and society.

Sustainable Golf Week will explore golf’s role in fostering nature:

  1. Safeguarding the environment and preventing ‘net negative’ impacts.

  2. Actively restoring natural golfing landscapes, making biodiversity regeneration enjoyable and financially viable.

  3. Creating and enriching new habitats and ecosystems that showcase the fun and engaging aspects of golf while contributing to biodiversity regeneration.

More widely, we'll introduce the concept for Nature Positive Golf™ and how golf can champion the significance of the natural world to millions of players and followers.

Join us for a week of insightful discussions, thought-provoking ideas, and inspiring initiatives that promise to shape a future where golf and nature thrive hand in hand. Together, let's uncover how golf is truly Better with Nature.



Monday October 9   Teeing off – why this topic is vital for golf and society

Tuesday October 10  Protecting nature – how golf can ensure no net negative loss of biodiversity

Wednesday October 11  Restoring nature – how golf can further enrich the landscapes it manages

Thursday October 12  Promoting nature – how golf can play a major part in demonstrating the value of nature across society

Friday October 13  Driving further – looking forward and calls to action

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