Spotlight on Restoring Nature

11 Oct 2023

Spotlight - Restoring Nature

Restoring nature and enriching landscapes is a key focus during Sustainable Golf Week, and we're proud to highlight a few remarkable examples of these efforts:

Rumanza, Pakistan

  • Rumanza Golf and Country Club is an example of how a golf development can have a positive impact on a piece of land and be the driving force behind biodiversity improvements. The project has resulted in 50 hectares of monoculture cereal crops being regenerated into a rich mosaic of diverse and native habitats which now play host to thriving ecosystems. Within days of the course’s water bodies being created, native bird life was flocking to the area in numbers far greater than had previously been seen. 

  • Because of the Rumanza project, there is a vibrant mix of habitats that would not have been there without it. Over time this biodiversity, we can anticipate, will continue to grow and improve. 

Hoiana Shores, Vietnam

  • The development of Hoiana Shores Golf Club is a real example of how golf can bring a piece of land back to its natural state and restore it from the effects of human activity. The coastal site was formally a fish farm and was in poor condition ecologically. Using only native and locally sourced plants the project team were able to restore 23 hectares of native coastal scrubland and rehabilitate a further 6 hectares of natural coastal dune landscape.

  • The positive change also resulted in native fauna returning to the area much faster than expected. This is testimony that, when the right habitats are provided, the native animal species will ensure they are full of life. Without the development of Hoiana Shores Golf Club, it is highly unlikely that this kind of positive change would have happened. Another great example of how important golf can be to the restoration and rehabilitation of nature. 

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