Fostering Nature Scorecard - Opening Stretch

09 Oct 2023

Fostering Nature Scorecard - Front 9

During Sustainable Golf Week, we will build a Fostering Nature Scorecard, revealing actionable steps that every golfer, club, or supporter can take to enhance golf's connection with nature and make it truly #BetterWithNature. By the week's end, you'll have a comprehensive 18 'holes' on the scorecard, each representing an opportunity to contribute to a more nature-friendly golfing experience.

The opening four holes reflect on why we should care, why this topic is vital for golf and society.

#1 Reflect on the significance of nature decline – locally to globally

According to the science of sustainability, biodiversity loss will exacerbate climate change and weaken resilience to extreme weather like storms, floods, heat, and drought. Sustainable Golf Week offers a time to reflect on the impacts on your golf course. Are you experiencing the ever-evolving impacts of climate change? In what ways can you mitigate these stressors through the restoration and concerted integration of natural features and ecosystems into the landscape, ecology, and design of your golf course?

#2 Reimagine the value of nature in golf

 research has shown people are drawn to the game of golf for a variety of reasons – extending from playing parameters like the size of fairways and speed of greens, to social and cultural aspects like opportunities to socialise and exercise in natural surroundings.  And how does nature shape your experience of the game of golf? What do trees and flowers add to your overall enjoyment of the game? Would a deeper integration of natural features enhance the reach, relevance, and value of golf to you, your club, and your community

#3 As a golfer, start a list of what more you think you could do

As you start to reimagine the value on nature, what practical steps can you as golfer make in your own behaviours to help protect, restore and promote nature. Think about nature’s importance to you and what can you do. There may be a particular habitat or ecosystem that needs support, a species that needs conserving, or suggestions you can make to the club. And celebrate the wonderful nature all around. 

#4 As a club, create a list of what more you think your club/course could do

The journey to nature-positive golf extends beyond technology and the design and management of golf courses; it also relates to our day-to-day behaviours, relationships to nature, and aspirations for the future of golf, sport, and society. Integrating the concerted care and responsible stewardship of nature into the ethos, policy, and practice of your golf club and helping players, staff, and communities to actively appreciate and support an increasingly rich variety of flora and fauna on the golf course is a step to enjoying golf – better with nature



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