Fostering Nature Scorecard - Back Nine

12 Oct 2023

Fostering Nature Scorecard - Back Nine

During Sustainable Golf Week, we will build a Fostering Nature Scorecard, revealing actionable steps that every golfer, club, or supporter can take to enhance golf's connection with nature and make it truly #BetterWithNature. By the week's end, you'll have a comprehensive 18 'holes' on the scorecard, each representing an opportunity to contribute to a more nature-friendly golfing experience.

We are now midway through the back nine in the Fostering Nature Scorecard as we close out day four of #SustainableGolfWeek. Here are holes 13-15 on ways to promote nature.


#9 Celebrate and take pride in nature at the golf course

A biodiverse, nature-inspired golf course can create a truly unique golfing experience - with an authentic landscape, colour contrast and added community, ecosystem service and shot value.

#10 Comunicate the needs and benefits of biodoversity

Conducting nature-restoration training with staff, players, and communities with clear communication of the needs and benefits of biodiversity can address expectations and preconceptions of naturalistic patches and seasonal variation in the length and aesthetic of local varieties of turfgrass. A good practice is to add signs identifying habitat areas on the golf course.

#11 Engage with walks, talks and more

Increasing habitat and biodiversity can create a valuable space and significant opportunity to support multifunctionality – including activities like cycling, trekking, bird-spotting, pond-dipping and outdoor education with schools, colleges, and charities. Engaging players, staff and communities with nature walks, talks, noticeboards, and newsletters are all good ways to promote golf - better with nature.




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