Sustainable Golf Week - Drive Further

13 Oct 2023

Drive Further

Take the honour and make golf a true champion of the natural world.

We hope that you have enjoyed and participated in this nature-inspired Sustainable Golf Week. Many people and organisations have shared and celebrated the various ways that golf is helping to protect, restore and promote our community of life on Earth. 

Nature is woven throughout the very fabric of the game of golf, and many across the sport are integrating the regeneration of landscapes and ecosystems into their principles and practices.

Yet, with the challenges the world faces, more than ever we need to let nature in.

We invite everyone in golf to ‘take the honour’.  To play a part in driving the regeneration of the natural world.

This can be the smallest to the largest of actions.

Protecting the existing habitats and biodiversity on and round our courses and through the products and materials we purchase.

Restoring nature by further naturalising our great golfing landscapes and working with others to support wider ecological networks.

Promoting nature by communicating it’s importance to staff, members, visitors, spectators and fans.

Most of all, we hope you will become a more prominent part of the growing community that is proudly driving sustainability further – in and through golf. Helping harnessthe power of golf to make an important difference – in communities and landscapes all across the world.

Recognising that golf, and life, is #BetterWithNature

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