Sustainable Golf Week - Better With Nature

08 Oct 2023

Sustainable Golf Week 2023 #BetterWithNature

Sustainable Golf Week returns this year as another point in time to reinforce the connection between golf and sustainability – to Reflect, Celebrate and Drive Further.

This year the focus is firmly on the natural world, entirely dedicated to championing how the game is #BetterWithNature.

Throughout the week, the Foundation, and many people and organisations across golf and beyond will take time to:

  • Highlight the current plight of nature. The complex web of life that all species, including humans, depends upon is badly damaged, disrupted and under significant pressure.  Urbanisation, deforestation, agricultural expansion and climate change are destroying, fragmenting, disturbing and degrading ecosystems.  Nature is in a period of rapid decline, with over 70% of global biological diversity lost in the last 50 years. 

  • Protect, Restore and Promote. The middle of the week will be devoted to demonstrating how golf is already protecting, restoring and promoting the importance of nature, and ways in which the sport can deliver even greater positive impact in the years ahead. There is a particular need for all those that manage land and greenspace to maximise their role in protecting, restoring and promoting nature.

  • Look to the future. The final day explores some of the key pinch points for golf and nature, sets out calls to action and steps that associations, facilities, tournaments and others across golf can take.

Jonathan Smith, Executive Director of GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf, the international non-profit which coordinates Sustainable Golf Week said:  “Again, Sustainable Golf Week is an opportunity for golf to reflect on some of the most pressing environmental and social issues of current and future generations. To celebrate commitments, actions and contributions to date and also to help strengthen and accelerate those for the critical years ahead. 

The world has limited time to overcome the twin challenges of nature loss and climate change.  We need leaders, and golf has both the natural fit and natural advantage to deliver amongst all sports.

Jonathan Smith


“We are excited to help celebrate many existing contributions from across the sport, while also being conscious of exploring what more the game can and needs to do.”

Suzann Pettersen, European Solheim Cup Captain and Sustainable Golf Champion, said: “Golf is played all around the world in different climates, landscapes and ecosystems, each course unique in its own way. And it is nature that makes this experience all the better. But nature is under threat and it is important we lead by example and inspire positive change to protect the land and species around us.”

We need a healthy, natural environment so let this Sustainable Golf Week further inspire golf’s team effort to help drive the critical nature comeback we all depend upon.

Suzann Pettersen




Getting involved

People and organisations across the sport of golf are invited to get involved next week.  Sharing their stories and perspectives. 





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