Workshop renovation improves sustainable practices

Quinta do Lago


Written by: Nuno Afonso

In 2018, an investment was made in the renovation of our workshop space that supports the North and South fields and the outdoor machinery park was expanded and restructured. The remodelling of the workshops consisted of creating more space and two distinct work zones, the grinding area and the general workshop area, the floor was waterproofed, followed by painting and signalling the floor in epoxy using different colours.

These improvements allow us to be more organised and to perform more efficient cleaning with fewer resources and minimize grinding machine noise. All the workshop lighting was renewed to LED which allows us to significantly reduce energy consumption. The outdoor machinery parking, as well as the covered area, was expanded in order to protect our equipment as much as possible. The parking was restructured in order to have an allocated space for each machine, allowing us to quickly identify any damage related to fluid loss.

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