Welcoming honey bees to our course

Glenelg Golf Club


Written by: Monina Gilbey

One of our members, who is an avid beekeeper, has donated a hive and a swarm of bees to the club. He has been teaching Monina, Biodiversity Manager, how to look after the hive. Not only are we excited that we may have honey within a year, but we are also helping to provide a safe home for bees. Bees are under threat around the world, and Australia is the only country which hasn't had the destructive Varroa Mite. One in every three mouthfuls of food can be attributed to pollination by bees. We have over 1,500 native bees in Australia which are mostly solitary bees. A few bees in Australia produce honey; however, there are none native to South Australia which make honey.

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