Machinery wash pad saves 300,000 litres of water annually

La Moye Golf Club

United Kingdom

Written by: Matthew Perks

La Moye Golf Club recently had a brand new two station Waste2Water machinery wash pad installed by a local contractor. The new wash pad will be used to wash off the machinery fleet keeping them in the best possible condition which increases machinery life spans whilst decreasing repair costs.

The wash pad utilises a closed-loop technology that prevents groundwater contamination by collecting the water used from washing down the machinery and passing it through a weir system to separate any grass clippings, sand, and soil so they can be composted.

The final step involves pumping the collected water through a system of chambers that contain microbes which break down any oils and chemicals leaving the water clean so it can be repeatedly used to wash off the machinery. The system is expected to provide an annual saving of over 300,000 litres of water.

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