Utilising grass clipping data to reduce fertiliser usage

Trump Turnberry


Written by: Darren McLaughlan

We collect all grass clippings from our greens on The Ailsa course and divide the litres by the size of the green to give us an accurate measurement of how fast the greens are growing. For example, 11 litres divided by 500m2 would result in a measurement of 22ml/m2.

This measurement forms the basis for our fertility and PGR (plant growth regulator) strategy, tailored to meet our specific performance objectives. Consequently, over the span of a year's worth of clip volume data collection, we have achieved a remarkable reduction of over 30% in fertiliser usage on our greens.

Through this approach, not only do we streamline our turf maintenance efforts by minimising the labour hours required, but we also significantly cut down on expenses associated with fertiliser applications.

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