Upgrading our irrigation with variable frequency converter pumps

Golf Club Domaine Du Brésil


Written by: kevin ravier

The Golf Club of Domaine Du Brésil has made a significant investment in upgrading its irrigation system by installing new pumps. This year, the club has opted for variable frequency converter pumps to replace the outdated ones that have been in operation for 28 years. With this innovative inverter technology, we anticipate saving approximately 20% of energy consumption.

The key advantage of utilizing frequency inverters lies in their ability to address the issue of oversizing pumps, which is a common occurrence as the actual demand often evolves over time. Traditionally, regulating pump output has involved methods such as partially closing discharge valves or recirculation, both of which are highly energy-intensive and can significantly reduce pumping system efficiency, often falling below 50%.

By incorporating variable speed drives, we can now adjust pump speed to match the actual demand without sacrificing efficiency. Moreover, this solution offers adaptability over time, allowing for adjustments in speed to accommodate fluctuations in demand, ensuring optimal performance and energy savings in the long run.

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