The ultimate sustainable clubhouse design

Minthis Golf Club


Written by: Margarete Dunst

The Clubhouse at Minthis Golf Club is not only an architectural masterpiece but has been designed with sustainability in mind. Incorporating the philosophies of traditional Cypriot architecture, it boasts a harmonious balance between contemporary design and environment, integrating it seamlessly into the landscape by using locally sourced natural materials, such as limestone from the Troodos Mountains.

The design allows for capturing natural light from all angles and cross-ventilation, ensuring optimal light and thermal performance. Among the energy-efficient measures are Low U-Value insulation walls, ceiling/roofs and windows, voltage optimiser, aerator, solar panels for hot water, LED lights and low energy lamps combined with sensors and timers and efficient appliances with motion sensors. Additionally, rainwater is harvested from the Clubhouse roof and channelled into the golf course reservoir for use in irrigation.

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