Targeting irrigation system can reduce inputs by 33%

Royal Liverpool Golf Club


Written by: james bledge

An irrigation system designed 14 years ago when the course was shaped far different is not as efficient as it should be, quite often irrigation heads were specified to throw 360 degrees to ensure rough coverage was sufficient, and fairways have also changed shape over the last decade and as a result, many heads need to be swapped out from full circle to part circle.

Many hours were taken in auditing the system to ensure all of the heads were targeting water to precise locations. In total, 225 heads need changing which will take considerable investment and may take a few years, the first step has been completed and we are now on a journey to swap all of these heads out over the next few years.

This could lead to a 33% saving in water usage, less time to water, and thinner roughs. Drier areas on fairways can be given more time now so consistency can be achieved. Heads that throw 15-20m on paths are also starting to be replaced with heads that throw less and target more

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