Sweet buzz at Mimosa Plus: introducing stingless bees

Mimosa Plus Golf Course


Written by: Rory Young

Mimosa Plus Golf Facility is taking significant eco-friendly steps by introducing stingless bees to the course. This decision not only promises to enhance biodiversity but also reflects Mimosa's dedication to sustainability. Stingless bees are renowned for their exceptional pollination abilities, which contribute to the enrichment of local biodiversity. Their gentle demeanor encourages the growth of native plants, thereby fostering a healthier ecosystem and creating a more vibrant environment around the golf course.

Within the first year, the establishment of bee colonies is expected to yield honey rewards. This locally produced honey not only supports bee populations but also adds a distinctive flavour to Mimosa Plus offerings. To ensure successful integration, staff training programs have been implemented. Employees are educated on bee behavior, colony maintenance, and responsible beekeeping practices, all of which are in line with Mimosa's commitment to environmental education.

In essence, Mimosa Plus' initiative with stingless bees represents a significant step towards promoting biodiversity, providing environmental support, and offering locally sourced honey. Through comprehensive training and dedication, Mimosa Plus is leading the way in fostering eco-consciousness within the golfing community.

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