Sustainable maintenance

The Singapore Island Country Club - The New Course


Prevention is better than cure, and this is most certainly the case where golf course maintenance is concerned. SICC’s ongoing practices include quarterly assessment of soil conditions and a detailed field irrigation audit to identify the problem points and help establish realistic targets.

The regular monitoring of water consumption and soil nutrient levels also helps to fine-tune irrigation needs. The Club has promoted the use of new turf varietals that are hardier in this environment in order to reduce the use of fertilisers and pesticides. No step is too large for SICC as it marches onward in its efforts towards sustainable maintenance of its courses.

In both financial and human capital, the Club has put in place equipment and labour to help reach critical milestones. In the redeveloped The New Course, the SubAir system was installed to remove excess soil moisture, reducing the chances of turf disease and hence the need for chemical solutions. In some areas, hand weeding and spot watering are employed to reduce the excessive use of water and to further avoid soil decay.

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