Sustainable hydration helps remove 75,000 plastic bottles

Dubai Hills Golf Club

United Arab Emirates

Written by: Jordan Fairweather

Dubai Hills Golf Club has partnered with Spudel to eliminate all plastic bottles from its premises. Every member has been provided with a reusable branded bottle, marking a significant step towards sustainability. This initiative is expected to prevent approximately 75,000 single-use 500ml bottles from being used each year.

Compared to plastic water bottles, reusable ones have a significantly lower environmental impact. The production and disposal of single-use plastic bottles contribute to pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and plastic waste, all of which can be drastically reduced by adopting our sustainable alternative.

Furthermore, this move not only promotes environmental responsibility but also helps members save money by eliminating the need to purchase water. Additionally, our implementation of water purifiers backstage eliminates the use of 20L plastic bottles typically used for water coolers.

We believe that these measures will not only keep our players hydrated on the course but also inspire them to embrace more sustainable practices beyond it. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment while enjoying their golfing experience.

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