Sustainable greens upgrade reduces maintenance and costs

Minthis Golf Club


Written by: Margarete Dunst

2019 marks our 25th anniversary of opening the first championship golf course in Cyprus. Over the past quarter of a century, we have dedicated ourselves to keeping the golf course on par not only with the changing demands of the golf industry but also with the demands for sustainability. The new and exciting greens upgrade project in summer 2019 and summer 2020 is further enhancing the golf course, as we rebuild our present clay push-up greens to conform to modern sand-based USGA specification standards.

This will give our members and visitors true, consistent and quality putting surfaces all year round, whilst benefitting the long term sustainability of the golf course. Considering our local climate aspects and irrigation water quality, we have chosen to seed the new greens with 007 Creeping Bent Grass, which is known for its heat-tolerance, enhanced resistance to weed invasion as well as turf disease. These specifications allow for an overall reduction of the maintenance cost.

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