Successful bird box scheme for schools

Wylihof Golf Club


Written by: Rowan Rumball

While bird boxes are great ecological enhancements where there is plenty of food to support the bird population, there is no reason why they cannot be colourful! Wylihof invited a local kindergarten to paint ten bird boxes not only to make the boxes visually appealing to players but also help the school kids form an attachment to the course and the conservation of birds.

The children are going to be invited onto the course at a later date to appreciate their artwork and hopefully see them being used by birds. It is hoped that these boxes will help support a larger population of small songbirds that not only will be attractive for the course but also help manage pests, from leatherjackets to midges. With the success of this social initiative it shows that with a small amount of ingenuity golf clubs can become centres of a community, ensuring the value and survival of a club for many years into the future.

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