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威高温泉高尔夫历年以健康高尔夫为运营主旨,坚持组织球场工作人员捡拾场地内烟蒂,2021年共计捡拾烟蒂10.2万枚,其作用为一是保持场地环境,避免野生动物误食,二是在击球球手互动中起到正面宣导作用,三是防止森林火灾的发生。 每周、每月、每季度在参加人员中组织排名和数量统计,各队之间进行竞争,捡拾烟头的数量是惊人的。但是总体效果是好的,部分参与者反馈说正在考虑戒烟,以保证自己健康的身体。对于捡拾数量较多的团队,球会给予一定数额的物质奖励,以表彰这种行为。 捡拾烟头虽然是个很小的动作,折射出的却是高尔夫人的文明涵养。让我们捡拾小烟头、传播大文明,从自我做起,控制吸烟、远离烟草,做健康、快乐的高尔夫运动爱好者。

In the past few years, WEGO Hot Spring Golf has chosen healthy golf as its main objective. It insists on organizing the golf course staff to pick up cigarette butts on the golf course. In 2021, a total of 102,000 cigarette butts have been collected.

Its first purpose is to maintain the environment of the golf course and avoid accidental consumption by wild animals, the second is to play a positive role in the interaction with golfers, and the third is to prevent the occurrence of forest fires.

Every week, month and quarter, teams compete to pick up the most butts and the numbers are staggering but the overall effect was good, with some participants reporting they were considering quitting to keep themselves healthy. For teams that pick up the most butts, a prize is rewarded.

Let's pick up small cigarette butts and spread civilisation, start from ourselves, control smoking, stay away from tobacco, and be healthy and happy golfers.

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