#SolheimGreen Photo Competition

Solheim Cup


Spectators to the 2019 Solheim Cup were encouraged to celebrate the natural wonders of Gleneagles by putting their wildlife photography hats on for the chance to win official Solheim Cup prizes.

The stunning Gleneagles landscape was formed by the forces of ice and water, scouring out lochans and depositing gravel and boulders, creating a landscape rich in native wildlife. All of which gave fans the chance to put their photography skills to the test looking to capture images of a majestic bird of prey soaring overhead, a red squirrel, brown hare or roe deer or a close up of a wildflower, insect or butterfly, indeed anything that caught the eye. The photo just needed a short caption and tweet to @2019solheimcup @sustainablegolf #solheimgreen or tag on Instagram @solheimcup2019. After the event, a judging panel considered all the entries, and the best combined photos and captions in each age group were awarded fantastic prizes.

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