New clubhouse used to kickstart energy saving projects

Rijswijkse Golf Club


Written by: Guido Hamelink

The club was visited by the Alderman for Rijswijk and the supervisor of the local inspection department for energy. The golf club started its sustainability drive with minor investments in the clubhouse, such as water-saving showerheads, led lighting, etc. When a new clubhouse was built, there was a chance for larger sustainable investments. It has optimal insulation, high-performance double glazing, and a good heat pump that keeps the use of gas low. The air ventilation system re-uses heat. The initial led lighting has already been replaced by newer lighting which provides more atmosphere.

Outside the clubhouse, there is plenty of attention to sustainability - no use of pesticides, electrically-driven machines, including an experiment with a robot mower. There are a number of sustainable measures on the wish list, such as solar panels and a new heat pump. The supervisor was impressed by the energy-saving measures already taken by the golf club, the Alderman by the vision of the Rijswijks Golfclub on sustainability. "They are an example for other sports clubs in the area."


copyright photo: Frank Jansen

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