Reseeding course with drought tolerant grass and using grey water

Minthis Golf Club


Written by: Margarete Dunst

In addition to the new irrigation system, the complete re-seeding of the fairways and roughs in 2009 was another crucial step towards sustainable course maintenance. The cool-season grass was replaced by Bermuda grass, which is more drought-tolerant and compatible with the Cypriot climate.

Another major milestone in our sustainability commitment is a significant investment to connect Minthis to the greywater supply of Paphos town. The project was completed in spring 2018 and greywater is now available to irrigate the entire golf course. Our relentless aim to create an eco-friendly resort will thereafter lead us to the next assignment which will be completed in 2020: on-site sewage treatment to recycle and reuse our own greywater. The sewage treatment plant will considerably add to the resort’s mindful philosophy of preserving the environment and retaining the distinctive character of one of the most incredible settings in Cyprus.

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