Changing the culture around litter

Woburn Golf Club


Written by: Gavin Sowden

To minimise our waste and improve recycling methods, we installed designated waste bins across the site and improved staff awareness with information on noticeboards. Each golf course has a course attendant whose responsibilities include managing the litter disposed of in bins across their course.

All litter is sorted into plastics, paper, cans and general waste and then disposed into the designated bins. We continue to minimise the amount of waste we produce and many of our suppliers have reduced packaging that is assisting our waste material.

Recycling is an area we have reviewed over the past 12 months to improve our waste management practices across the golf club. Desk waste bins have been removed from offices in order for staff to recycle their waste by using purpose-built recycling stations. There are 6 paper bins, 12 mixed recycling and 12 general waste bins located across the club.

Course attendants empty the bins across the 3 courses daily and separate cans and plastics which are collected by our recycling waste company. We recycle all our cardboard by using a recently purchased bailer which crushes cardboard boxes and bails them ready for collection.

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