Recycling materials to create bug hotels

Woburn Golf Club


Written by: Gavin Sowden

One of our skilled Course Attendants has dedicated their time to gather materials from various locations within the course grounds to create a remarkable insect haven. They have ingeniously assembled this bug hotel using materials such as decking boards, discarded cardboard, tree guards, and pinecones.

This unique habitat has been strategically placed on The Marquess Course, oriented to face the east-south direction, ensuring it basks in the morning sun while providing shade during the late afternoon. This thoughtful positioning is designed to cultivate an inviting environment for a variety of insect species.

This insect sanctuary will provide a secure haven for wild bees and vital pollinators, all the while drawing in advantageous insects such as ladybirds, lacewings, earwigs, and butterflies. This stands as an excellent illustration of our ability to creatively reuse and recycle aged materials, thereby diminishing waste and elevating the ecological value of the region.

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