Protecting unique palms and endangered grasshoppers

Avalon Golf Estate


Written by: Greg Duffy

We recently discovered that the Acantha Phoenix, flourishing in the valleys of Avalon Golf Estate, is not present anywhere else on the island or indeed in the world. Accompanying this unique palm was the identification of a rare grasshopper - Pyrgacris Relictus thought only to still exist on our neighbouring island of Reunion. The grasshopper was seen to have found a new habitat in the Palms of Avalon. Due to this extraordinary discovery, it was decided to propagate the Acantha Phoenix as a way to ensure the survival of our new friend. We are now raising our first 300 palms to be planted in the valleys and on the estate within the next two years. This is an exciting time knowing that we can help keep these two particular species alive and thriving on the island.

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