Precise water management massively reduces water use

Golfclub 'T Zelle


Written by: Paul Baumann

In the past few years, we have purchased equipment for the measurement of rainfall and soil humidity levels and are now able to control sprinklers individually. On a total of 920,000 m2 course surface, we collected approximately 735,000 m3 of rainfall.

Of course, a small amount is evaporated, and a small amount flows out, but the main part is collected as groundwater in a positive way. Due to all the measures taken, we were able to reduce the use of water on the golf course to only 26,500 m3, less than 4% of the total "intake".

At the same time, cooperation with the water authority has been intensified and a future water-management program will be developed in the next 2 years. During that period we agreed to undertake "trial and error tests". A very nice example of the past few weeks is the partial closing of a watercourse and the successive removal of the blockade. See the attached pictures.

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