Players share wildlife spotted on the course

Golfpark Spandersbosch


Written by: Hans den Breejen

Golfpark Spandersbosch is located within a beautiful nature reserve: Het Goois Natuurreservaat. Our club members are proud and enthusiastic about our GEO Certificate. The GEO committee keeps their involvement high by regular updating performance and improvements via dedicated - and one of the best-valued - GEO Newsletters.

Recently we have introduced a tool that enables our members and guests to share anything they noticed in our beautiful course with other players. They can take a picture, send it to the club secretary, who posts it on a sign at the entrance, indicating the place and date. Reactions are very positive. Entries range from wild animals to the smallest plants. As a result, all players entering the course enjoy and appreciate the attractiveness of our nature and their involvement with GEO principles increases even further.

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