Photovoltaic system powers plug-in cars

Golf Gerre Losone


Written by: Marco Nembrini

Golf Gerre Losone installed a photovoltaic system consisting of 308 modules on the roof of the driving range for a total output of 83 kWp. The photovoltaic system is connected to a totem with a display that shows the instantaneous power in real-time. It has an average annual production of 90,000 kWh able to cover the annual needs of about 20 households. The realization of this plant is the result of a positive collaboration between the local Golf Club, the Patriziato di Losone (owner of the land) and the Società Elettrica Sopracenerina SA (manager of the distribution network and financier of the plant) and Bronz Electricity SA . Since 2020, the photovoltaic project also has the added value of being able to offer "clean electricity" for the e-parking project (charging station for hybrid/electric cars) where several of our members/guests can recharge their "plug-in" cars.

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