Partnering up to increase biodiversity on the course

Le Golf National


We work on biodiversity with the National history museum in Paris, CNRS, AgroParisTech & students of Biodiversity, Ecology & Evolution department in Paris/Saclay university.

Our goal is to increase biodiversity in a golf environment by gathering knowledge and recommendations to help preserve our natural resources. The first important thing is to identify what is living around us, then how to let this life evolve in a varied and healthy way.

With the hosting of the Open de France, Ryder Cup 2018, 33rd World Championship 2022, Olympic games 2024, construction of a parcel of Metro 18 in 2025, it is our duty to help conceive these events with ecological care and to try to apply the recommendations specialists are giving. The approach that is used to conciliate these plans is Evade, Reduce, Compensate.

The action we set are mostly directed on preservations of non-playing areas, plantation of local species, creation of habitats, discussions around big projects for establishing win/win situation between golf environment & local actors.

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