Part two of the journey away from single-use plastic products

Aphrodite Hills Golf


Concern about the impact of single-use plastic on the environment is a global issue that is pushing both governments, private businesses and individuals to act. After a thorough analysis of the numbers of single-use plastic bottles that were used in 2022, and when we reached the concerning number of more than 80,000 bottles, we immediately decided to identify solutions and look for the best ways to implement new environmentally friendly policies that will benefit both the Company, Resort and our guests.

We wish to lead by example and raise awareness to all of our visitors and Golf Course Members, the impact plastic pollution is having on the environment and also the importance of shifting the consumer attitude towards a more sustainable and healthy way of living. On this note Aphrodite Hills Resort, has now installed water dispensers at key points around the facilities and golf course and offered the option for all guests to purchase reusable water bottles from the Golf Shop at extremely affordable prices. Removing any profit from the sales of the water bottles will make these accessible to all guests that visit the golf course.

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