Over 5000 practice balls collected in volunteering event

Golf Club Domaine Du Brésil


Written by: kevin ravier

Every year at Golf Du Domaine du Brésil, a collective effort takes place as juniors, volunteer members, committee members, pro-shop staff, and the greenkeeper team come together for a practice ball collection day. This event sees no less than 5000 balls on average being gathered from the vicinity of the driving range, including areas within the forest and tall grass.

Beyond the evident ecological benefits of this initiative, the camaraderie and positive atmosphere among the participants are always noteable, culminating in a friendly gathering where bonds are strengthened over shared accomplishments.

Through the collection of these balls, we not only contribute to their reuse but also prevent potential plastic pollution on the course. It's worth noting that some golf balls can take up to 1000 years to fully break down, highlighting the importance of this practice in preserving the environment.

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