Over 180 different species recorded at Royal Porthcawl

Royal Porthcawl


A biodiversity audit undertaken in 2022 revealed a total of 183 species at Royal Porthcawl. This included several species of conservation concern such as polecat and common lizard, which are Species of Principal Importance (SPI), and great crested newt, which is a European Protected Species and SPI!

A total of 27 birds were recorded during the surveys, 10 of which are red-listed birds of conservation importance, such as curlew and linnet, and 9 amber-listed birds, such as oystercatcher and kestrel. The range of habitat types available, including dune heath, fixed dune grassland, gorse scrub and bracken ensure that there's suitable nesting and foraging habitat for a wide diversity of birds and other wildlife.

Other notable species recorded include corn spurrey, a plant which is listed as Vulnerable on the Red Data List for Great Britain - this can be found aplenty in sand scrapes on the golf course. Fiddle dock was also recorded, this is an Endangered plant in Wales and can be found in isolated pockets on the golf course. The biodiversity audit truly highlighted the range of wildlife supported by the golf course and will hopefully continue to grow.

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