Outdoor education for gardening school students

Golf Gerre Losone


Written by: Marco Nembrini

Golf Gerre Losone annually hosts the students of the gardening school "Gewerbliche Berufsschule Wetzikon" for two days. The focus of the visit is to show them how a golf club is managed, focusing in particular on its sustainability. The first day the students take a tour of the clubhouse, administration and all other structures, then they participate in an introductory golf clinic made from our Head Pro. On the second day, they meet the head greenkeeper and go around the course with him to get an explanation of the fundamentals of golf course maintenance. This highlights the importance of eco-sustainability through the use of best agronomic practices in order to minimize the use of chemicals and also to promote and restore native flora and fauna. Over the years, we have found that several of the students we host, begin their professional career within local golf clubs.

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