One of a kind 'book of birds' showcases 173 species living in Al Mouj

Al Mouj Golf


Written by: Steve Johnson

Al Mouj Golf has just produced what is thought to be a world first with a book of birds exclusively photographed on Al Mouj Golf. Since December 2012 authors Hanne and Jens Eriksen have conducted monthly bird counts, recorded and photographed birds here at Al Mouj Golf. At production of the book there has been a total of 173 different species of birds documented on Al Mouj Golf.

Hanne and Jens were residents of Al Mouj Muscat until their departure in 2018 and have produced numerous books on birds and wildlife in Oman as well as winners of multiple bird photography awards around the world. Hanne and Jens were also very active in Al Mouj Golf's GEO certification program. The book includes photos of all birds seen at Al Mouj Golf in differing stages of plumage as well as a description of the birds and a guide to when best to see them. This is a unique publication and Al Mouj Golf is obviously very proud of it.

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