Oak woodland contains much wildlife

Villa Baro AB


Written by: Marcus Carlgren

Åtvidaberg municipality is known for its many beautiful oaks. The old oak trees in the national points of oak woodland are special. They hold a great diversity of species, plants and animals,  from insects, lichens and fungi to bats and cats owls. The area is characterised by rock and stony ground, from the former mining. The trees are mainly deciduous with Oak, Linden and birch with elements of low gran referrals that had previously been protection for pheasants.

In one area, Linden is dominating completely and gives a beautiful "LAH" which makes it unusual. In the southern and western part of the course are the Lakes of Lake Bysjön and Glan, which contributes to a rich bird life. At the eastern side of the hole, Glan, between 14 and 15, there is an area with dense Beach forests, mainly al-and birch trees. The area is a known breeding ground for the lesser spotted Woodpecker red-listed species. In the area there are a smaller number of ponds, habitat for small birds.

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