Nurturing local talent through extensive industry-academic partnerships

Haesley Nine Bridges

Korea, Republic of

Written by: Sangyoon Ryu

Haesley has forged partnerships with more than 10 universities nationwide, including various local institutions, as part of our commitment to industry-academic collaboration. These collaborations have allowed us to tap into a diverse pool of local talent across a wide spectrum of sectors, including food and beverage, and course management.

We have also extended career opportunities to students through the implementation of internship programs in collaboration with these universities, with whom we have formalised Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) to strengthen the bond between industry and academia. Furthermore, our dedication to talent development extends to the local communities where we operate. We have been actively conducting lectures at local schools to nurture future talent.

Students who excel in their internship courses are presented with the chance to secure permanent positions within our organisation. Since the inception of this internship program, we have witnessed a significant number of local talents actively contributing to various sectors within our company, spanning roles in front-of-house operations, food and beverage, course management, and finance.

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