Making use of non-playing areas by planting more vineyards

Minthis Golf Club


Written by: Margarete Dunst

Viticulture is something we are really passionate about at Minthis and we have been producing our own wine for more than 7 years.

Tending to the vines is part of our annual golf course maintenance schedule and our skilled team has many years’ experience in carrying out the tasks mostly by hand. Gregoris Efthymiou, a key member of the golf team, oversees all agricultural areas on the golf course, which includes vineyards, olive groves, walnut, almond, pecan nut, carob trees and fruit orchards.

As part of our Golf Club’s sustainability action plan, we decided to plant more vineyards in order to make use of non-playing areas and to increase the on-site production of wine. Thus, we planted new Shiraz vines in 2020 and 2021. The first Shiraz harvest is expected in two years’ time, which will be blended with our already existing Mavro grapes and bottled at Tsangarides Winery in nearby Lemona village. All Minthis wines - red, white and rosé - can be enjoyed at the Clubhouse Restaurant overlooking the golf course.

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