Making peace with the arctic tern

Keilir Golf Club


Written by: Baddi Asgeirsson

Arctic terns have nested on our land for years. Until recently, the birds only nested on our front 9, in the lava, with minimum mutual disturbance. In recent years the terns started to nest on our back 9, in roughs just meters from our fairways. These birds get very aggressive, and they can and will hurt people without hesitation. For the last couple of years we monitored where the birds were settling for nesting, we then cut that specific area down, shorter than preferred by the terns, and proposed a more suitable grassland right next to it. After the terns lay their eggs, we can then change our mowing patterns back to normal, having them nesting a bit further away from daily golf. This has turned out very well for both parties as the number of nesting terns has increased on the course and golfers can observe these magnificent birds without risk.

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