Lowering our turf's travel miles by growing it next to the course

Banchory Golf Club


Written by: Richard Mullen

Hauling turf up from south of the border was always a contentious thing for me personally in terms of carbon footprints. The club has 1.2 hectares of land alongside the River Dee so we embarked on a plan to create turf for various occasions.

1300m2 of the area was cultivated and seedbed prepared to create our own hard-wearing turf created from using cultivars that we knew enjoyed our climate due to our trial plot research. Now there is no need to get big haulage trucks on the road under our club's name and it's hoped that as well as reducing our footprint, the club can be more ambitious in terms of strategical changes to the layout because of lower outlays.

The club has used approx. 1500m2 in 12 months which means they have saved around £4,250 in turf and haulage costs. 

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