Long-term commitment to conserving Perthshire's woodlands



Gleneagles is located in the heart of Perthshire, affectionately known as ‘Big Tree Country’, where around 90,000 hectares, or 13% of the land, is covered in trees.

A notable species is the Birnam Oak - the last survivor of Birnam Wood - the tallest hedge in the world and the single oldest living organism in Europe (made famous by Shakespeare’s Macbeth, after which our Birnam Brasserie was named).

Through a 10-year partnership with Perth & Kinross Countryside Trust’s Big Tree Country scheme, we’ve supported a number of important woodland conservation projects, including:

  • Saving and restoring the Ancient Orchards of the Carse of Gowrie
  • The restoration of footpaths and woodland trails around Perthshire, including a path and construction of an iconic wooden building at Cone Point, Craigvinean Forest, one of the finest viewpoints in Perthshire, first mapped in 1826.
  • Emergency work on the famous Birnam Oak, to ensure the tree’s survival for future generations.

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